The story of Tasamy

10 July، 2017

What is the problem?

Around three million Saudis are suffering from poverty. Social problems, as they are commonly referred to, are seen as one of the main factors leading to such poverty. These problems are yet to be efficiently dealt with by both the private sector and the governmental sector. As a consequence for the rising number in poverty there has been an increase rate in unemployment, homelessness, mental deviation, lack of education and a multiplying of illnesses due to bad health care. Surprisingly, 29 billion SAR was spent in Saudi Arabia to combat poverty. However, that was not an effective solution as poverty is still there and problems are increasing dramatically instead.



What is the solution?

Many countries were able to overcome social problems by filling the gap between profit and charitable work; through combining profitability dynamics such as sustainability, innovation, and charitable factors. This was achieved by focusing on the social aspect and essentially on the principles of social entrepreneurship.

When reviewing the number of social entrepreneurs in other countries to Saudi it would seem that the ratio of social entrepreneurs in United States of America, Britain and Finland to Saudi Arabia is 38:1. As Britain has 55,000, while Saudi’s expansion of social entrepreneurship is limited to 0.5%. Many Third World countries noted the importance of social entrepreneurship and It’s positive effects on the economy. Additionally, it effectively solved major problems of our communities. Therefor, the rate of social entrepreneurship in countries such as Argentina and Uganda exceeded the first world countries.


What did Tasamy do?

In 2012 Tasamy studied the social sector in Saudi Arabia. Its findings suggested a severe scarcity of innovation and sustainability in the social sector, however, there were many achievements as the number of charitable committees was 650 and the number Charity Foundations was 121. But, 74% of these associations are Bir Societies that focuses on emergency aid services and logistics, and rarely on developing long lasting solutions. Thus, Tasamy prepared a research study regarding “Understanding the challenges and experiences and reflections of the pioneers of social work in Saudi Arabia” so to base its programs and initiatives on the research findings.



What do we do in Tasamy?

Tasamy is a non-profit organization that focuses on finding sustainable and innovative business solutions to societal problems by enabling social entrepreneurs, and collaborating with governmental and private institutions.

Tasamy designs its programs and initiatives based on Human-Centered Design methodology provided by IDEO.